Project info

  • Solar
  • 2024

  • €11.000.000


  • Agrate Conturbia (IT)

  • 21.000 sqm

  • 7.000 sqm

  • PV

  • 9.9 MWp

  • 12.38 GW/h

  • Bringsol - Megasol

  • Engineering - Procurement - Construction - Management

Agrate Conturbia Agrivoltaic Project: A Synergy of Agriculture and Solar Energy

Project Overview

Located in Agrate Conturbia, Italy, the Agrate Conturbia project represents a forward-thinking approach to agrivoltaics, aiming to integrate a 9.9 MWp photovoltaic system within an agricultural setting. This initiative seeks to produce an estimated 12.38 GW/h of electricity annually, showcasing a commitment to sustainable energy solutions that support both agricultural activities and renewable energy goals.

Innovative Design and Technology

  • Agrivoltaic System: The project employs a fixed bipole structure with vertical sails and Megasol panels, designed to withstand winds up to 45 m/s. This innovative setup allows for optimal solar energy capture without compromising the underlying agricultural productivity.
  • Sustainable Energy Production: With a focus on photovoltaic (PV) technology, the Agrate Conturbia project is set to generate clean, renewable energy, significantly contributing to the region’s energy supply and sustainability objectives.

Strategic Implementation and Impact

Under the expertise of Bringsol and Megasol, the project encompasses comprehensive engineering, procurement, construction, and management activities, ensuring high standards of quality and efficiency. The strategic use of agrivoltaic systems represents a pivotal step towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental stewardship.

Contribution to Renewable Energy and Agriculture

The Agrate Conturbia project underscores the potential for agrivoltaic systems to serve dual purposes effectively: enhancing agricultural land use while generating substantial amounts of clean energy. This approach not only addresses the urgent need for renewable energy sources but also supports sustainable agricultural practices.