Project info

  • Solar
  • 2023

  • €8.900.000

  • NAPO Holding srl

  • Alessandria (IT)

  • 110.000 sqm

  • 36.000 sqm

  • PV

  • 9.0 MWp

  • 9.36 GW/h

  • Bringsol - Megasol

  • Engineering - Procurement - Construction - Management

Cassano Spinola Project: Integrating Agrivoltaics into Sustainable Farming

In Alessandria, Italy, the Cassano Spinola project undertakes an ambitious initiative to establish an agrivoltaic system that harmonizes agricultural productivity with solar energy generation. Scheduled for 2023, this $8.9 million venture by NAPO Holding srl covers an extensive area of 34,700 sqm, aiming to utilize advanced photovoltaic (PV) technology for a dual-purpose: supporting farming while producing renewable energy.

Project Features and Innovations

  • Agrivoltaic System Design: The project’s innovative approach uses a fixed bipole structure with vertical sails equipped with Megasol panels, designed to withstand winds up to 45 m/s. This design ensures minimal impact on agricultural operations while maximizing solar energy capture.
  • PV Panel Surface: Utilizing Miro technology, the PV panels are optimized for efficiency, contributing to the project’s significant energy production capacity.
  • Capacity and Production: With a designed project capacity of 7.8 MWp, the Cassano Spinola facility is projected to generate 9.36 GW/h annually, illustrating its substantial contribution to renewable energy in the region.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

This project exemplifies a sustainable approach to land use, combining agricultural productivity with renewable energy generation. By integrating PV technology into farming landscapes, Cassano Spinola sets a precedent for agrivoltaic systems, offering a replicable model for sustainable development.

Expertise and Collaboration

Bringsol and Megasol spearhead the project’s design, showcasing expertise in engineering, procurement, construction, and management. This collaboration underscores the importance of specialized knowledge in achieving the project’s ambitious goals.


The Cassano Spinola project represents a pioneering effort in the field of agrivoltaics, merging agricultural practices with solar energy production to foster a sustainable and energy-efficient future. Through innovative design and strategic planning, this initiative not only contributes to Italy’s renewable energy landscape but also demonstrates the potential for agrivoltaic systems to support environmental sustainability and economic viability in agriculture.