Project info

  • Office, Solar

  • Lugano, CH

  • 1.850 sqm

  • 950 sqm Car Parking Slot
    1.300 sqm Office

  • €10.000.000

  • PV - RES - VMC

  • >10KWe/h sqm

  • Arch. C. Schwitter - Ing. M. Moncecchi - Arch. A. Chiara

  • engineering - procurement - construction - delivery - management

Project overview

ZEB Cassarinetta: Leading Sustainable Office Design in Lugano

Nestled in Lugano, Switzerland, the ZEB Cassarinetta project epitomizes the pinnacle of sustainable office design, transforming a 1990s entertainment venue into a beacon of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Spearheaded by PORTOVERDE SA, this near-zero energy building (nZEB) is a showcase of how retrofitting existing structures with advanced sustainability features can lead to significant environmental and economic benefits.

The project emerged from the visionary collaboration between experts in architecture and engineering, including Arch. C. Schwitter, Ing. M. Moncecchi, and Arch. A. Chiara. Their collective expertise was instrumental in executing a retrofit that dramatically reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling, achieving a fourteenfold decrease. This underscores the ZEB Cassarinetta’s role as a model for energy-saving technologies and high-efficiency building practices in commercial real estate.

A cornerstone of the project is its adept use of renewable energy, enabling it to generate approximately 33 MW/h annually while its operations consume less than 24 MW/h. This achievement in energy production and consumption exemplifies the building’s alignment with sustainability goals and its contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of office spaces.

With an area of 1850 square meters, ZEB Cassarinetta is not just a significant venture in sustainable infrastructure but also a testament to the viability and profitability of green building initiatives. The project’s success in integrating renewable energy solutions and achieving outstanding energy efficiency sets a benchmark for future commercial developments aiming for sustainability certifications and green building standards.

The engineering and architectural approach adopted for ZEB Cassarinetta serves as an inspiration for sustainable development, advocating for the importance of incorporating nZEB principles in the renovation of urban spaces. It stands as a compelling example for the construction industry, demonstrating that environmental sustainability and modern office design can go hand in hand.

As a beacon of sustainable architecture and engineering excellence, ZEB Cassarinetta encourages the adoption of green technologies and energy-efficient designs in commercial projects worldwide. It exemplifies how thoughtful investment in sustainable building practices can yield substantial returns, both in terms of energy savings and environmental impact, paving the way for a greener future in the construction sector.