Project info

  • Building
  • 2023

  • €550.000

  • Private Owner

  • Dino - Lugano, CH

  • 500 sqm

  • 240 sqm

  • PV - RES - VMC

  • > 15 KWe/h mq

  • Arch. C. Schwitter - Ing. M. Moncecchi

  • Engineering - Procurement - Construction - Delivery

Dino Project: Advancing Energy Efficiency in Single-Family Villa Design

The Dino project in Switzerland exemplifies modern efforts to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability in residential architecture. Focused on a single-family villa, this initiative combines traditional design elements with cutting-edge technologies to create a home that is both environmentally responsible and highly functional.

Key Features of the Dino Project

The project is characterized by its comprehensive approach to improving the villa’s energy performance, from the building envelope to the integration of renewable energy systems. Each aspect has been carefully considered to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.

  • Insulation Coating: The application of an insulation coating around the villa significantly improves thermal efficiency, reducing energy requirements for heating and cooling.
  • CLT Expansion: The expansion of the building body using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) not only adds space but also utilizes a sustainable construction material known for its strength, durability, and insulation properties.
  • Roof Insulation: Enhancing the insulation of roofs contributes to the overall thermal efficiency of the villa, further lowering energy consumption.
  • Heat Pumps: The installation of heat pumps provides an efficient solution for heating and cooling, leveraging ambient air or ground heat in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Mechanical Ventilation: A mechanical ventilation system ensures optimal indoor air quality while recovering energy from exhaust air, contributing to the villa’s energy efficiency.
  • Photovoltaic and Batteries: The integration of photovoltaic panels, coupled with battery storage, enables the villa to generate and store renewable energy, reducing dependence on the grid and lowering energy costs.

Sustainable Impact

The Dino project demonstrates how thoughtful design and technology can come together to create a sustainable living space that does not compromise on style or comfort. By prioritizing energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources, the project sets a benchmark for future residential construction and renovation projects.

Implications for Residential Construction

This project serves as an inspiring example for architects, builders, and homeowners alike, showcasing the feasibility and benefits of incorporating energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems in the design and renovation of homes. The Dino project illustrates a commitment to sustainability that is vital for the future of residential architecture.


The Dino project stands as a testament to the possibilities within the realm of sustainable residential design. Through its innovative use of materials, energy-efficient technologies, and renewable energy systems, the villa represents a forward-thinking approach to creating homes that are both comfortable for residents and gentle on the planet.