Project info

  • Building
  • 2023

  • €250.000

  • Private Owner

  • Insone - Lugano, CH

  • 400 sqm

  • 160 sqm

  • PV - RES - VMC

  • > 25 KWe/h mq

  • Arch. C. Schwitter - Ing. M. Moncecchi

  • Engineering - Procurement - Construction - Delivery

Insone Energy Efficiency Project: Enhancing Sustainability in Single-Family Housing

The Insone project, located in Switzerland, represents a significant step forward in improving energy efficiency for single-family homes. By focusing on the building’s envelope and updating systems, this initiative demonstrates the practical application of sustainable technologies in residential settings.

Project Overview

The core objective of the Insone project is to enhance the energy efficiency of a single-family house through comprehensive upgrades and the integration of renewable energy sources. These measures are designed to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and provide a comfortable living environment.

  • External Thermal Insulation: Application of external insulation improves the home’s thermal efficiency, leading to reduced heating and cooling demands.
  • Roof Renovation: The renovation includes updating the roof with materials that offer better insulation, contributing to the overall energy performance of the house.
  • Heat Pump Installation: A new heat pump system provides efficient heating and cooling, utilizing ambient air or ground heat in an energy-efficient manner.
  • Photovoltaic System: The installation of photovoltaic panels allows for the generation of renewable energy, offsetting traditional energy use and reducing utility costs.
  • Window Frame Replacement: Upgrading to energy-efficient window frames enhances the insulation properties of the home, further reducing energy leakage.

Sustainable Impact and Benefits

The upgrades undertaken in the Insone project illustrate the potential for existing homes to be retrofitted with technologies that promote energy efficiency and sustainability. The project’s approach serves as a model for homeowners looking to reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining high living standards.

Implications for Future Residential Projects

The Insone project contributes valuable insights into the implementation of energy efficiency measures in residential construction. Its success underscores the importance of integrating sustainable technologies in the early stages of design and renovation, setting a practical example for future projects.


By incorporating energy-efficient renovations and renewable energy systems, the Insone project highlights a viable pathway towards more sustainable living in single-family homes. It showcases how targeted upgrades can enhance energy performance, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability that can be replicated in similar residential projects.