Project info

  • Solar
  • 2024

  • €3.424.000

  • Le Tre Cascine Srl

  • Isola Bella (IT)

  • 20.000 sqm

  • 3.500 sqm

  • Floating PV

  • 3.2 MWp

  • 3.8 GW/h

  • Bringsol - Megasol

  • Engineering - Procurement - Construction - Management

Sant’Antonio Isola Bella Floating PV Project: Harnessing Solar Power on Water

Project Overview

Set against the backdrop of Isola Bella, Italy, the Sant’Antonio Isola Bella project is a pioneering initiative to create a floating PV system on water bodies reclaimed from a former quarry. Comprising two sections with capacities of 3.3 MW and 1.7 MW, the project aims to leverage unused aquatic surfaces for sustainable energy production.

Innovative Solar Solutions

  • Floating PV Technology: Utilizing floating platforms, the project introduces solar energy generation on water, minimizing land use and reducing water evaporation, thereby contributing to ecosystem preservation.
  • Sustainable Energy Production: With a designed capacity of 5 MWp, the installation is expected to generate approximately 3.8 GW/h of electricity annually, showcasing the project’s significant contribution to the region’s renewable energy supply.

Strategic Design and Impact

Under the expertise of Bringsol and Megasol, the Sant’Antonio Isola Bella project is characterized by its strategic planning, from engineering and procurement to construction and management. The utilization of floating PV technology not only addresses space constraints but also opens new avenues for renewable energy projects in similar settings.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

This project stands as a testament to the potential of integrating renewable energy solutions with environmental conservation efforts. By generating clean electricity, the Sant’Antonio Isola Bella project supports Italy’s energy transition goals while fostering biodiversity and water resource management.