Project info

  • Building

  • Lumino, CH

  • 2.500 sqm

  • 350 sqm Car Parking
    8 x 125 sqm Cottages

  • €5.600.000

  • PV - RES - VMC

  • > 10KWe/h sqm

  • Arch. C. Schwitter - Ing. M. Moncecchi - Arch. A. Chiara

  • Engineering - Procurement - Construction

Project overview

nZEB Lumino: Setting New Standards for Energy-Efficient Living

The nZEB Lumino project represents a forward-thinking approach to residential design in Lumino, Switzerland, showcasing how modern homes can achieve near-zero energy consumption while providing comfortable and sustainable living environments. This project is a standout example of integrating energy efficiency and sustainable design principles from the ground up, offering a practical blueprint for future residential developments.

Sustainable Features at the Core

At the forefront of the nZEB Lumino project is a commitment to minimizing environmental impact through innovative design and technology. The development is built to meet the stringent criteria for near-zero energy buildings (nZEB), emphasizing the importance of sustainability in modern living spaces.

  • Renewable Energy Solutions: Incorporating solar panels and geothermal heating systems, nZEB Lumino significantly reduces its reliance on traditional energy sources. These renewable systems supply the majority of the development’s energy needs, showcasing a sustainable path forward for residential construction.
  • Advanced Energy Efficiency: The project leverages high-performance insulation, triple-glazed windows, and energy recovery ventilation systems to ensure optimal thermal efficiency. Such measures drastically lower energy consumption and enhance the comfort of its inhabitants.
  • Eco-friendly Materials and Practices: Emphasizing sustainability, nZEB Lumino utilizes low-impact construction materials and employs green construction practices, further reducing the project’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.