Project info

  • Solar
  • 2023

  • €82.500.000


  • Lugano (CH)

  • 1.500.000 sqm

  • 220.000 sqm

  • Floating PV

  • 55.0 MWp

  • 77.0 GW/h

  • Bringsol - Megasol

  • Pre-Design Work - Engineering

Project Overview

The Ritom Lake project emerges as a groundbreaking proposal to meet the growing energy demands of Ticino through sustainable means. Spanning over 1.5 million square meters, this ambitious initiative plans to install a floating PV system capable of generating between 70 to 92 GW/h annually, positioning it as a key player in Switzerland’s renewable energy sector.

Innovative Design and Capacity

  • Floating PV Technology: Leveraging floating solar panels, the project aims to utilize the lake’s surface for energy production without disrupting the land. This technology is particularly suited to the region, offering a resilient solution capable of operating efficiently under snow cover.
  • Energy Production: With a designed capacity of 55 MWp, the installation is expected to significantly contribute to the local grid, providing a reliable and clean energy source that aligns with environmental conservation efforts.

Strategic Importance and Sustainability

The strategic importance of the Ritom Lake project lies in its potential to supply renewable energy on a large scale, addressing both local energy requirements and broader sustainability goals. The use of floating PV panels represents an innovative approach to maximizing the area’s natural resources while minimizing environmental impact.

Expertise and Planning

Under the guidance of Bringsol and Megasol, the project benefits from expert pre-design work and engineering, ensuring that the proposed floating PV system meets high standards of efficiency and durability. This careful planning underscores the project’s commitment to technological excellence and sustainability.

Projected Impact

The Ritom Lake project stands as a testament to the potential of renewable energy technologies to transform regional energy landscapes. By providing a substantial amount of clean electricity, it supports Switzerland’s transition towards a more sustainable and self-sufficient energy future.


As a proposed venture, the Ritom Lake Floating PV Project exemplifies forward-thinking in renewable energy development. Its successful realization would not only bolster Ticino’s energy independence but also serve as a model for integrating renewable energy solutions in harmony with natural environments.