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Empowering Progress: Our Commitment to Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Welcome to the forefront of sustainable solutions where innovation meets functionality. Our suite of services is designed to elevate your project from conception to completion with a focus on eco-efficiency and cutting-edge design. Whether it’s through our comprehensive feasibility studies, precision in pre-construction planning, or our strategic sales support, we commit to delivering excellence. Dive into our services and discover how we blend advanced technology, strategic market insights, and creative design to transform your vision into a reality that stands the test of time and sets new benchmarks in sustainability.


We offer and deliver over 120 years of combined professional services.  These can range from entrusting one or more tasks to a single General Contractor, to a series of separate contracts with different qualified companies and partner/suppliers.

Evergreen Field Activities

Construction Leading & Supervision | Assumes the role and responsibility of construction site manager.

Building Site Strategies | Evaluates the best cost-effective construction process.

Auditing of the Timetable Programs | Respects works completed on timely matter.

Auditing and Cost Control | Using a predictive approach

Functional Tests, Inspections During the Work, Acceptance Tests | Technical and administrative inspections, functional tests and control of performances indicators, acceptance tests


Project sustainability and nZEB feasibility studies are produced for commercial, leisure and domestic properties. In this early phase, architects, engineers, financial planner, and Client/Investor cooperate simultaneously to optimize the project outcome, to decrease cost to a minimum, and to maximize profit.

What we offer during this phase


Every construction project we undertake is unique. Our processes are equally applied to all projects. We get involved as early as the preliminary design phase to:

Sustainability goals

We offer the most complete industrial solutions in the century for the research, design & development of materials.

Guaranteed quality

The procedures and techniques that are used during the building process

What we offer during this phase

Our detailed pre-construction planning is crucial to a successful construction and on-time delivery. It also provides Client and team with a clear pathway to the bidding process, construction phase, all the way through completion. The benefit of early involvement is that it allows us to:


To create a true competitive advantage, our marketing strategy services combine: the perception and understanding of the final construction/investment user and what the market offers.

Evergreen matches both, plus provides extra features, at competitive prices, that go beyond the client’s expectations and desires.

How do we do this?

By offering a product not yet available on the market. Our buildings consist of:

What is our sales support?

Our Real Competitive Analysis helps us better partner with advertising agencies to create campaigns that effectively communicate our special features.

We train sales agents to better market our unique true competitive advantage and the rational “why” of buying that will retain its value for at least 25 years


Evergreen understands the importance of a well-balanced relationship between people and the environment.  We partner with highly qualified Interior Design firms to create integrated and efficient sustainable interior designs (including energy use) that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and meet the challenges of social, economic, and environmental needs.

We develop Spatial Designs for nZEB’s Commercial and Domestic Building, such as:

Building Information Modeling (BIM) at Evergreen: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Construction

At Evergreen, we specialize in the creation and renovation of nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) and sustainable projects, leveraging the latest in construction technologies and methodologies. A cornerstone of our approach to design and construction is the utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques. BIM allows us to visualize, simulate, and manage the complexities of sustainable buildings with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Innovative Design and Planning with BIM

BIM is more than just a tool for us; it’s an integrated process that enables our team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals to collaboratively design and plan every aspect of a building’s lifecycle, from conception through to operation. By creating detailed digital representations of our buildings, we can optimize energy performance, material selection, and construction techniques before ground is ever broken.

Enhancing Sustainability through Precision and Efficiency

Sustainability is at the heart of every project we undertake. BIM’s powerful capabilities allow us to predict and improve a building’s environmental impact, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds energy efficiency standards. Through detailed simulations, we can analyze sunlight exposure, thermal performance, and energy consumption, making informed decisions that lead to greener buildings and reduced carbon footprints.

Streamlining Collaboration and Communication

BIM facilitates seamless communication among all stakeholders involved in a project. By working within a shared, digitally-constructed environment, we ensure that every team member has access to the most up-to-date information. This collaborative approach minimizes errors, reduces waste, and leads to more effective project management, ensuring that our projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Driving Innovation in Construction

Our adoption of BIM is a testament to Evergreen’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of sustainable construction. By integrating BIM into our workflow, we not only enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our building projects but also contribute to the advancement of construction practices worldwide. Our BIM process is a reflection of our dedication to creating sustainable, energy-efficient buildings that stand as a testament to our vision for a greener future.

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