Project info

  • Sport Facilities

  • Portovenere (IT)

  • 8.500 sqm

  • 6.700 sqm Car Parking Slot
    5.600 sqm Soccer Stadium
    500 Facilities

  • €12.000.000

  • PV - RES - VMC

  • > 25 KWe/h sqm

  • Studio T21

  • engineering - project financing

Fezzano Parking Project: A Comprehensive Urban and Environmental Enhancement

Project Summary: The Fezzano Parking Project, spearheaded by GEOTECH SYSTEM AG, represents a significant urban development initiative aimed at the comprehensive transformation of a sports area located in the nautical neighborhood of Portovenere, Italy. With an investment of €12 million, this project spans a total surface area of 8,500 sqm, dedicating 6,700 sqm to a multifunctional space that includes car parking slots, a modern soccer stadium, and additional facilities.

Objective and Design: The primary objective of the Fezzano Parking Project is to address and mitigate the hydraulic risk posed by the potential flooding of the stream that runs down the valley, currently concealed beneath the existing football field. The project envisions the creation of a multi-use area that harmoniously integrates commerce/trade spaces and community parking solutions, situated at the level of the current football field, with seamless pedestrian access from the town’s streets.

Furthermore, the initiative seeks to construct a new, fully-equipped sports center positioned above the commercial and parking areas, fostering a vibrant community hub for both recreational and practical uses.

Key Features and Components:

  • Commercial Spaces: Offering 1,500 sqm dedicated to commercial businesses, enhancing the local economy and providing residents with essential services.
  • Parking Solutions: Introducing 4,800 sqm of parking lots, addressing the community’s need for accessible and convenient vehicle storage.
  • Sports Facilities: Developing 6,000 sqm of space for sports equipment and activities, including a state-of-the-art soccer stadium, promoting health and fitness within the community.
  • Public Amenities: Incorporating 300 sqm of additional public facilities to support the broader needs of Portovenere’s residents and visitors.

Sustainable Development: Incorporating advanced technologies such as Photovoltaics (PV), Renewable Energy Systems (RES), and Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC), the project is designed to exceed an energy consumption rate of over 25 KWe/h per sqm. These sustainable features underscore the project’s commitment to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

Design and Implementation: Under the guidance of Studio T21, the Fezzano Parking Project combines architectural innovation with engineering precision. System Evergreen AG contributes its expertise through engineering services and project financing, ensuring a successful realization from concept to completion.