Project info

  • Solar, Sport Facilities
  • 2022

  • €300.000

  • Istituto Elvetico Salesiano

  • Lugano, CH

  • 1000 sqm

  • 2500 sqm

  • PV - Roof Insulation

  • > 50 KWe/h sqm

  • Arch. C. Schwitter

  • Engineering - Procurement - Construction

Salesiani Gym Facilities: Pioneering Energy Efficiency in Education

In the heart of Lugano, the Salesiani Gym Facilities project is redefining energy efficiency within the educational sector. By upgrading the Istituto Elvetico Salesiano, which includes a gymnasium and a covered plaza, this project not only enhances the facility’s energy performance but also sets a new standard for sustainable school design.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

The project’s approach to energy efficiency is comprehensive, targeting significant improvements through thermal insulation, renewable energy production, and consumption reduction:

  • Thermal Insulation Upgrade: The introduction of new thermal insulation for the roof plays a crucial role in reducing heat loss during winter and maintaining cooler temperatures inside the gymnasium by up to 3 degrees Celsius during summer.
  • 127KW/p Photovoltaic System Installation: A key feature of this project is the installation of a 127KW/p photovoltaic system, designed to generate around 140 MW/h annually for the entire school complex. This substantial renewable energy production ensures that the institute can achieve 100% self-sufficiency, covering all its energy needs through self-consumption.

Impact and Outcomes

  • Winter Heating Consumption Reduction: One of the project’s notable achievements is the 30% reduction in winter heating consumption, demonstrating the effectiveness of the thermal insulation upgrade and contributing to a significant decrease in the facility’s overall energy costs.
  • Sustainable Energy Production: The photovoltaic system’s capacity to fully meet the institute’s energy demand underscores the project’s success in integrating renewable energy sources within the educational environment.

A Model for Sustainable School Facilities

The Salesiani Gym Facilities project exemplifies how educational institutions can lead by example in the transition towards sustainability. By focusing on both energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, the project not only provides a healthier, more comfortable environment for students and staff but also promotes environmental responsibility among the younger generation.


Through strategic improvements and the adoption of advanced energy solutions, the Salesiani Gym Facilities project marks a significant advancement in sustainable school design. Its comprehensive approach to energy efficiency and self-sufficiency serves as an inspiring model for educational facilities worldwide, highlighting the feasibility and benefits of embracing green technologies in the educational sector.