Project info

  • Building, Solar
  • 2016 - 2019

  • €9.560.000

  • Immobiliare Residenze ValleVerde SA

  • Sureggio-Capriasca (CH)

  • 1.500 sq.m

  • 650 sq.m Car Parking Slots
    1.200 sq.m Apartments


  • < 5 KWe/h sqm

  • Arch. A. Buehring – Ing. Mossini - Studio T21

  • engineering - procurement - construction - marketing & sales - delivery - management

Lögh to Ronchetti Residence Complex: Unveiling Ticino’s First ZEB Building

Nestled in the serene locale of Sureggio-Capriasca (CH), the Lögh to Ronchetti Residence Complex introduces a pioneering venture in sustainable living with its distinguished Building E. This project, undertaken by Immobiliare Residenze ValleVerde SA between 2016 and 2019 with an investment of €9.56 million, marks a significant leap towards environmental stewardship and energy efficiency in residential construction.

Architectural and Environmental Harmony

Building E stands as a multi-story residential edifice within the complex, encompassing 12 apartments. It distinguishes itself as the first Zero Energy Building (ZEB) in Ticino, setting a benchmark for future sustainable developments. Unlike its counterparts in the complex, which adhere to nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) standards, Building E is designed to be entirely self-sufficient in energy production, meeting all its needs for heating, sanitary water, elevators, lighting, and air conditioning.

Spread over a 1,500 sq.m plot area, with 650 sq.m dedicated to car parking slots and 1,200 sq.m to apartments, the building showcases a modern design coupled with highly efficient management costs. Through innovative planning by Arch. A. Buehring, Ing. Mossini, and Studio T21, Building E embodies a model of efficiency and elegance.

A Beacon of Sustainable Innovation

The building’s passive envelope design and the integration of technological enhancements such as Geothermal (GEO), Photovoltaic (PV), Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems underscore its commitment to sustainability. With an annual energy production of approximately 33MW/h and consumption of about 24, Building E generates a surplus of nearly 10 MW/h, predominantly self-consumed by the residents, demonstrating a remarkable balance between energy generation and usage.

Designed in 2015 and operational by 2019, Building E’s journey from concept to reality highlights a forward-thinking approach to residential construction. Its capacity to produce all necessary energy onsite for operational needs while maintaining consumption below 5 KWe/h per sqm per year exemplifies the potential for sustainable living solutions.


The Lögh to Ronchetti Residence Complex, particularly Building E, reflects a harmonious blend of contemporary design and environmental responsibility. By achieving the coveted status of a Zero Energy Building, it not only enhances the living experience for its residents but also contributes actively to the broader goals of energy efficiency and environmental protection. This project not only signifies a milestone for the region but also serves as a guiding light for future sustainable developments.